Shuttle Tydirium Episode 72: Destroying the Dreadnaught

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast!  This week we’re talking about the recent FAQ, and a mission design concept based on the battle to destroy the Siege Dreadnaught at the opening of Episode 8.  RIP Sassy Dreadnaught Commander. RIP.

Also, can we have a discussion about point defense turrets for a minute or two?

FAQ: 16:00

Destroy the Dreadnaught: 1:01:15


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Shuttle Tydirium

The Shuttle Tydirium is the Mother-ship of Casual X-wing. We are a podcast dedicated to bringing content about the X-wing miniatures game that focuses on alternate play formats, formats beyond the standard competitive tournament format.  We love Missions and Epic play.  Campaigns are excellent and Heroes of the Aturi Cluster is some of the best X-wing around.  We review different aspects of the game and try to have fun with all the ships and upgrades.

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