Shuttle Tydirium Episode 35: Rogue One, Thoroughly Spoiled

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 35!  This week we’re taking a break from the hard work of podcasting about the x-wing miniatures game, and we cover the recently released movie Rogue One, which you may know as Rouge One.

Captain’s Question: 5:55

Rogue One Review: 29:35



Shuttle Tydirium Episode 20: Ugnaught’s Revenge and Dutch Drops the Deuces

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast for Episode 20!  This time we’ll be talking about a couple of ‘B-Team’ lists we’ve been working on, and talk about the latest preview for Wave 10, where the ships from Rogue One were revealed.  We also announce our first contest!  Email your entries to

Captain’s Question: 3:20
B-Teams: 8:40
News: 33:40
Contest!: 1:13:50

Ep. 17 1st X-wing Podcast of the New Year: Ship Movement


Today we discuss ship movements and Rogue One with full spoilers. Happy New Year!

Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro /// 2: Patreon RAFFLE and Update /// 3:50 Ship Movement /// 20:42 Look into the Archives /// 25:00 Rogue One discussion (SPOILERS) /// 57:10 Upcoming Events /// Earn Your Wings:

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Ep. 16. Obstacle Theory


This week our main topic is a continuation of the How to Practice X-wing Series. We are discussion obstacle placement, strategy, and reasoning. We also take a look at the Tie Striker, Get some history on Kyle Katarn, and give you our initial reactions of Rogue One (Safe: No Spoilers).

Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro /// 1:57 Patreon Update /// 3:30 Obstacle Theory /// 29:30 Look into the Archives /// 34:00 Tie Striker /// 54:24 Rogue One Reactions /// 56:16 Upcoming Events /// 1:02:45 Close

Ep. 15 New Ships, Paul La Rue, and Rogue One


In this Episode give our first impressions of a couple of the new ships and their upgrades that are coming soon, Talk to the Paul La Rue about how he paired his love of art and X-wing, who is Soontir Fel, and Give away Tickets to see Rogue one!


Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro /// 1:57 Raffle /// 5:55 Quadjumper /// 20:22 U-Wing /// 38:30 Paul La Rue/// 50:09 Look into the Archives /// 57:37 Upcoming Events /// 1:01:56 Close

Back to Dials Episode 1: A New Host!

On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast, join us as we welcome new host Adam Kattnig! And with Rogue One ships in our hands and Regionals in full swing, we talk about the new hotness and anticipate Wave 10!


  • 00:00-12:35: Introduction and News
  • 13:00 – 1:05:11: Rogue One Ships Discussion
  • 1:05:11-1:13:08: Conclusion

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