Shuttle Tydirium Episode 44: Schrodinger’s Escape Pods

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 44!  This week we’ll chat about several important X-wing topics, including squad builders, a thematic Hoth scenario, using terrain in X-wing, a couple of B-teams, Mario-kart, and whether or not the crew of a certain ship made it to the escape pods or not.

Captain’s Question: 4:40

Review of the Aurora Squad Builder: 28:57

Terrain in X-wing: 44:55

B-teams: 55:40



Shuttle Tydirium Episode 41: Idiot’s Array

Welcome aboard the shuttle tydirium podcast!  This week, the crew tackles several different topics and projects, including the Custom Card League on the FFG forums, developments in Mario Kart X-wing, and a B-team from a listener!

Captain’s Question: 12:40

Custom Card League: 15:30

MarioKart: 37:55

B-team: 1:02:40


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Custom Card League

Shuttle Tydirium Episode 34: X Wing Smorgasbord

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 34! This week we’ll be touching on a bunch of unrelated topics, including a listener B-team, HotAC, Mario Kart, and some late-coming card reveals for wave 10!

Captain’s question: 6:40

HotAC: 20:45

XQ-6 platform kit: 31:25

B-Team: 36:35

Mario Kart! 47:20

News: 1:03:10



Awesome XQ-6 platform kit

Shuttle Tydirium Episode 30: Who’s up for a game of Mario Kart?

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium for episode 30!  This week we talk about a little-known but very fun X-wing variant: Mario Kart X-wing.  We also announce a T-shirt campaign – all proceeds go toward podcast expenses, such as buying J-bot a new recording device that does not self-destruct periodically.  We’ll also drop a few hints about the Shuttle Tydirium Narrative event coming next year.  Then, Phil lectures about X-wing campaigns for about half an hour.  Enjoy!

Captain’s question: 3:50

Loose restraining bolt: 10:30

Tee-shirt Campaign!: 22:30

Gencon Narrative Event: 25:55

Mario Kart X-wing: 32:25

X-Wing Campaigns: 1:00:02



T-shirts:   US    EU

Back to Dials Episode 16: Alternate Formats!

Man, sometimes you just gotta take a little break and play some different X-Wing. As fun as 100/6 is, it can burn you out – so sit back and relax as we give you some ideas for super fun ways to pay X-Wing, from tournament-suitable all the way to Beer & Pretzels Pew-Pew! We welcome back Sam Shepic to help show us the ropes!

On this episode of Back to Dials/Asa’s Bad Mouth Sounds Podcast: 

  • Race to the finish in Mario Kart!
  • Lower your inhibitions with 59 Cross Faction!
  • Escalate the excitement with Escalation!
  • Hangar Bay – is this the best tournament format?
  • Is the is most useful podcast description this show has ever done?

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