Ep. 19 Opening Setups and Wave 10


In this episode we discuss how to create and plan an opening set up. We also have been blessed by Wave 10 being dropped 2 days before our regional. YES ITS LEGAL! So we talk about how this may effect the meta and what we might see at our regional.

Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro /// 1:00 Patreon/// 2:30 Opening Setups /// 57:15 WAVE 10 /// 1:20:00 Archives (Y-wing) /// 1:23:39 Upcoming Events ///

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Ep. 17 1st X-wing Podcast of the New Year: Ship Movement


Today we discuss ship movements and Rogue One with full spoilers. Happy New Year!

Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro /// 2: Patreon RAFFLE and Update /// 3:50 Ship Movement /// 20:42 Look into the Archives /// 25:00 Rogue One discussion (SPOILERS) /// 57:10 Upcoming Events /// Earn Your Wings:


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Ep. 16. Obstacle Theory


This week our main topic is a continuation of the How to Practice X-wing Series. We are discussion obstacle placement, strategy, and reasoning. We also take a look at the Tie Striker, Get some history on Kyle Katarn, and give you our initial reactions of Rogue One (Safe: No Spoilers).

Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro /// 1:57 Patreon Update /// 3:30 Obstacle Theory /// 29:30 Look into the Archives /// 34:00 Tie Striker /// 54:24 Rogue One Reactions /// 56:16 Upcoming Events /// 1:02:45 Close

Ep. 14. Building a Good List



We continue our How to Practice Series with talking about list building. What makes a list good or bad? Why are some upgrade cards that sound good on the surface actual bad?


Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro /// 1:17 Raffle /// 4:07 Building a Good List /// 54:25 Dragon Fall /// 54:43 Look into the Archives /// 1:00:12 Upcoming Events /// 1:04:57 Close

Ep. 13 – The Witch is Dead? and How to Practice X-wing



This episode we bury the contracted scout???, review the newest FAQ, give initial reactions to the Sabine’s Tie spoiler article, and discuss Step one of the How to Practice X-wing Series. Enjoy!

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GoldSquadronPodcast FAQ Coverage 1:19 /// Sabine’s Tie 23:21 /// Patreon Update 35:02 /// Step 1 of How to Practice X-wing 37:57 /// Upcoming Events 44:46 /// Close 47:46

Ep. 12 How to Practice X-wing Part one



On this episode we give the introduction to our “How to Practice X-wing Series” , give some more details on our plans to cover the X-wing World Championships, and announce the start of our Patreon Campaign!


/// 00:00 Intro /// 01:08 Patreon Announcement /// 04:35 World’s Coverage Coming in November /// 07:15 Introduction to the How to Practice X-wing Series /// 40:13 Dragonfall /// 40:38 Upcoming Events /// 42:31 Close ///

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