Shuttle Tydirium Episode 72: Destroying the Dreadnaught

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast!  This week we’re talking about the recent FAQ, and a mission design concept based on the battle to destroy the Siege Dreadnaught at the opening of Episode 8.  RIP Sassy Dreadnaught Commander. RIP.

Also, can we have a discussion about point defense turrets for a minute or two?

FAQ: 16:00

Destroy the Dreadnaught: 1:01:15


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Shuttle Tydirium Episode 65: Star Wing, FAQ, Global Grayskull Campaign

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 65! This time, we’re hitting two massive topics: the fully-revealed Star Wing expansion, and the recent FAQ. We’ll also talk about the upcoming Global Grayskull Narrative Campaign, which will be kicking off on November 6th!

Captain’s Question: 4:40

Global Grayskull Narrative Campaign: 12:30

FAQ: 25:25

Star Wing expansion: 1:12:15


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Shuttle Tydirium Episode 46: Sick Scyk News, Bro!

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 46!  This week’s podcast comes a little late- we rushed the wave 11 episode out and this one got neglected.  We cover the recent FAQ-bomb that FFG dropped on the old metagame, and more importantly, the preview of the various Scyk cards coming in the C-ROC expansion pack!

Captain’s Question:  5:00

FAQ: 24:00

M3A News: 51:00


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Back to Dials Episode 19: New Zealand Nationals with Paul Johnson!

Strap in, folks, there’s some REAL CONTENT coming your way! Twin Nationals winner Paul Johnson (Aussie and New Zealand) joins us to talk about his list, Thweek, the Jumpmaster and what to expect in the new meta. We also look ahead to Wave 12  to see what we can expect in the fast-approaching Regionals season!

On this episode of Back to Dials: 

  • We are joined by an honest-to-god good X-Wing player!
  • Thweek: What does he do well? What does he not do well? Will he define or react to the meta?
  • Where is the Jumpmaster now, and what roles can it fill?
  • Just how in the hell do you win TWO Nationals?
  • Nerf Pauls!

Tune in to Back to Dials to find out!

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Ep. 13 – The Witch is Dead? and How to Practice X-wing


This episode we bury the contracted scout???, review the newest FAQ, give initial reactions to the Sabine’s Tie spoiler article, and discuss Step one of the How to Practice X-wing Series. Enjoy!

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GoldSquadronPodcast FAQ Coverage 1:19 /// Sabine’s Tie 23:21 /// Patreon Update 35:02 /// Step 1 of How to Practice X-wing 37:57 /// Upcoming Events 44:46 /// Close 47:46

Back to Dials Episode 15: FAQing Huge Changes!

The Back to Dials Emergency Podcast Coalition Presents: Sunny Bounder Presents: FAQ 4.4 discussion!

Samwise Shepic joins us in the studio to go over the brand new X-Wing FAQ and why it is such a meta-altering event.

Back to Dials: First in X-Wing news, when we were already planning on recording!

FAQ can be found here:

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Back to Dials Episode 3: Alternative FAQs!

F.A.Q 4.3.0 has just released and we are able to be right on the ball here with a brand new episode covering the gargantuan changes contained in this meta-shattering document! In this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast:

  • Adam has a lapse in memory
  • We learn from a Land Down Under
  • We don black robes and gather for the ritualistic sacrifice of the Old Meta

Remember, we have a contest going! Send us your greatest, best, funniest, etc. X-Wing stories to to be entered to win a painted ship or a beautiful Stele Open metal challenge coin! Get those entries in because this contest only runs for two more weeks!

Episode Timing: 

  • 00:00 – 7:13: Show Introduction
  • 8:53 – 1:08:15: FAQ 4.3.0
  • 1:09:24 – 1:16:19: Show Close and Contest Continuation!

Contact us at with any questions you may have, and join our Facebook Group to get in on more great X-Wing discussion!

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Global Grayskull Base Narrative Campaign

The Shuttle Tydirium is launching the worldwide version of its Grayskull Base Narrative Campaign on Nov 6.  You can participate in large or small groups locally, or online via Vassal!  For more information, check out the Holodrive link below!

The rules have been tweaked since Gen Con, and the ban list is updated for the recent FAQ (which will be in effect for the event). Get a head start on building your roster now!

Signups will begin soon for the Vassal instance of the campaign.

Shuttle Tydirium Holodrive – Grayskull Base