Back to Dials Tournament Recap: The Walker Classic

Welcome back!

Today, releasing on Back to Dials Time, is a Tournament Recap encompassing the experiences of planning, running and streaming the Walker Classic 2017! Jon Conley joins us for this one and if you are interested in any aspect of running an X-Wing tournament, this show is for you!

Apologies to Broken Egg Games! We made a correction to the sponsor in the episode.


Back to Dials Episode 20: Enjoy the Silence(r)

The TIE Silencer, the vanguard of the First Order, is coming out very soon – and so we have to talk about what it brings to the table! If we don’t just keep talking about the Star Wing instead…

On this episode of Back to Dials: 

  • Gunboat Hypisode Part 2
  • Tie Silencer: What’s good, what’s not?
  • Conclusion to the Emperor’s Nu Groove Contest!

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Back to Dials Episode 19: New Zealand Nationals with Paul Johnson!

Strap in, folks, there’s some REAL CONTENT coming your way! Twin Nationals winner Paul Johnson (Aussie and New Zealand) joins us to talk about his list, Thweek, the Jumpmaster and what to expect in the new meta. We also look ahead to Wave 12  to see what we can expect in the fast-approaching Regionals season!

On this episode of Back to Dials: 

  • We are joined by an honest-to-god good X-Wing player!
  • Thweek: What does he do well? What does he not do well? Will he define or react to the meta?
  • Where is the Jumpmaster now, and what roles can it fill?
  • Just how in the hell do you win TWO Nationals?
  • Nerf Pauls!

Tune in to Back to Dials to find out!

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Back to Dials Episode 18: T.O. Takeover!

Tournament Organizer (T.O.): (n):

  1. One who organizes and judges X-Wing Tournaments.
  2. A jerk who thinks it’s funny to undermine popular podcasts

Today we are captured, beaten bloody and left to rot as Jon Conley, Sam Shepic and Jeff Pollmiller take over the Back to Dials Podcast to talk about what it means to run a successful X-Wing tournament.

On this Episode of Back to Dials C-3TOs: 

  • What it takes to run a successful X-Wing Tournament
  • Judging: Tough Calls, Equipment, and keeping the game moving
  • Please Send Help to Asa and Adam

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Back to Dials Episode 17: Regionals and Hidden Gems

Calm, serene, peaceful, the beaches of Scarif, before the Rebels showed up. Man, they really had no chill. But here on the Back to Dials Podcast, we are chiller than a Wampa’s cave.

On this Episode of Back to Dials: 

  • Just be cool, okay?
  • Regionals: When, where, and why
  • The Hidden Gems of X-Wing, Part 1

Regionals locations:

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Back to Dials Episode 16: Alternate Formats!

Man, sometimes you just gotta take a little break and play some different X-Wing. As fun as 100/6 is, it can burn you out – so sit back and relax as we give you some ideas for super fun ways to pay X-Wing, from tournament-suitable all the way to Beer & Pretzels Pew-Pew! We welcome back Sam Shepic to help show us the ropes!

On this episode of Back to Dials/Asa’s Bad Mouth Sounds Podcast: 

  • Race to the finish in Mario Kart!
  • Lower your inhibitions with 59 Cross Faction!
  • Escalate the excitement with Escalation!
  • Hangar Bay – is this the best tournament format?
  • Is the is most useful podcast description this show has ever done?

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Back to Dials Episode 15: FAQing Huge Changes!

The Back to Dials Emergency Podcast Coalition Presents: Sunny Bounder Presents: FAQ 4.4 discussion!

Samwise Shepic joins us in the studio to go over the brand new X-Wing FAQ and why it is such a meta-altering event.

Back to Dials: First in X-Wing news, when we were already planning on recording!

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Back to Dials Episode 14: The Emperor’s Nu Groove

Today, we sat down to record and upon opening our computer, there was a new preview article!

So we scrapped the original idea, and today we are going to talk about the Alpha-Class XG-1 Assault Gunboat!

On this episode of Back to Dials: 

  • Adam is a dirty chicken boy
  • Asa gets way, way too hyped
  • Slam, Jam, Thank you Ma’am, the hype is REAL.

This episode’s contest: Create your best list that fits the name, “Emperor’s Nu Groove.” Send submissions to and post them on our facebook page!

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Back to Dials Episode 13: 2017 Meta Countdown!

We spend some time talking about the top 10 lists of the 2017 Nationals season on this episode of Back to Dials? What will you expect to face? What sort of things can you do to tech or fly against them? All that will be answered!

On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast: 

  • New… hosts? Maybe?
  • Asa Mustafar’s voice fails him for the last time
  • A Worldwide metagame

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Back to Dials Episode 12: Building a Sustaining Community!

X-Wing miniatures gets boring without others to play with… so why not find some? Test your finely honed skills against the best your area has to offer when we welcome Sam Vargas to the show and talk about building a sustaining X-Wing community in your area!

On this episode of Back to Dials: 

  • Asa plays a Pirates game
  • Adam says something about “Collecting”
  • Sam upstages everyone else!

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