Shuttle Tydirium Episode 37: “I trust that Jim knows what to do”

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 37!  This week we’re taking a close look at Mission 12: Bounty Hunt, from the IG-2000 expansion pack. Bounty Hunt is an exciting 3-way battle!  Listen closely to our expert advice as we tell you how to play this one right.

Captain’s Question: 3:20

Ready Room: Bounty Hunt:  21:45

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Shuttle Tydirium Episode 36: The Point of No Return

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 36!  This week we’ll be reviewing the final mission of the Point of No Return Campaign, which comes with the CR90 Tantive IV expansion pack.  We will mercilessly choke it to death with the very chains it has bound us with, like an overgrown Hutt.

Captain’s Question: – 6:30

Mission T4: Minefield – 21:15

Protocol Mode – 21:55

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Shuttle Tydirium Episode 67: Sheathipede

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium for episode 67! This week we cover the recent preview of the Sheathipede shuttle in depth, and chat about the ongoing Grayskull campaigns!

Captain’s Question: 5:05

Global Grayskull Campaign: 15:35

Sheathipede Preview: 23:00


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Shuttle Tydirium Episode 12: The Missions of HotAC

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast for episode 12!  While Chief Engineer Jake is out finding replacement parts for the gonk droid, the rest of the crew takes a look at the new FAQ and the mission portfolio of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, and compete to see who has the best Ackbar impression.  Tell us who was the best Ackbar on our facebook page!

Captain’s Question:  5:34

New FAQ: 13:00

The Missions of HotAC: 26:50

Admiral Ackbar Impressions:

Jim: 56:54

Phil: 1:02:55

J-Bot: 1:07:16

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Shuttle Tydirium Mission Log

If you are looking for some feedback on the numerous FFG missions or some of the other play formats out there (HotAC for example), check out the Shuttle’s mission log.  We’ve got a quick reference guide to the missions we have discussed on the podcast.  Quickly find the mission you are interested in and jump to our discussion.

EXTRA BONUS – If you and your friends want a little ambience before playing a mission, check out our podcast’s Protocol Mode.  J-Bot and a cast of characters will read and/or act out the thematic write-ups included with most of FFG’s missions.  Time stamps are noted for these where available.