Shuttle Tydirium Episode 71: Closing the Deal

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast for episode 71! This week we’re taking a deep dive into the final mission of the Smuggler’s Lament (C-ROC) campaign. Does it hold up under the crew’s expert scrutiny?

Ready Room: 14:50

Music in the dramatic reading is by Kai Engel, used under a creative commons license, (and adapted for our purposes by Phil Meade).  Check out Kai Engel’s excellent compositions here: If you really like his stuff put a buck in his tip jar!

Thanks to our Patrons Jan Ullerup, David Brennan, Steve Ruples, Kletus Van Dam, David Holland, and Tim LeBeau for lending their voice talents to the C-ROC campaign readings!

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Back to Dials Tournament Recap: The Walker Classic

Welcome back!

Today, releasing on Back to Dials Time, is a Tournament Recap encompassing the experiences of planning, running and streaming the Walker Classic 2017! Jon Conley joins us for this one and if you are interested in any aspect of running an X-Wing tournament, this show is for you!

Apologies to Broken Egg Games! We made a correction to the sponsor in the episode.